Festival rules

Edition 2021

ARTICLE 1 – Organisation

The association Chamonix Film Festival Organisation, organises the Chamonix Film Festival from 8th to 18th June 2021 (1st edition) in Chamonix. It is a competition.
The competition is open to professional and amateur filmmakers.

ARTICLE 2 – Film Themes

– The selected films will have the following themes: mountaineering, climbing, adventure, exploration, in the context of the mountains. They should convey the cultural heritage of the mountains and the human values linked to mountaineering (commitment, solidarity, respect for the environment).

– Films must be no longer than 90 minutes.

ARTICLE 3 – Registration

Entries for the preselections and viewing links must be sent in by April 1, 2021.
The registration of a film is free of charge and can be done :

– Online on the festival website: https://www.chamonixfilmfestival.fr section Register your film.
– By email to the attention of Christophe Raylat: christophe@chamonixfilmfestival.fr
– By post at the following address
Chamonix Film Festival Organisation
43 chemin du Cristal des glaces 74400 Chamonix

Authors, producers or directors may submit several films to the selection committee but only one may be retained in the final selection.
The material submitted will be kept by the festival for its archives.
The completed application form, whatever the chosen method of registration, is considered as a commitment and implies the acceptance of the present rules in all their provisions.

ARTICLE 4 – Selection

The Organising Committee, a list of which is available at https://www.chamonixfilmfestival.fr, will select the films eligible for the competition.
Whether or not the works are admitted to the competition is the sole responsibility of the organising committee.
The festival organisers will inform the referents of the films of their selection or not and, if necessary, will organise their arrival for the festival.

ARTICLE 5 – Elements to be provided

On receipt of the confirmation e-mail for the official selection, the referees of the selected films must send the following information as soon as possible:
– For the screening, a master of the film in a professional broadcasting format, preferably suitable for a cinema screening (DCP).

– The trailer of the film in HD digital file.
– 10 digital photos in high definition (300 dpi minimum) free of rights for the promotion of the Festival*.
– An internet link of the trailer for integration on the website: https://www.chamonixfilmfestival.fr (Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.)
– A summary in French and English of about ten lines for the programmes and the website.

*These documents may be used free of charge for the promotion and communication of the Festival only. Within the framework of the promotion of the festival and the films presented during the event, the Festival’s organising committee will be able to take any decisions they deem necessary. However, they may not present excerpts of more than 1 minute to television channels. Any more specific request will be subject to an agreement with the producers.

ARTICLE 6 – Films subtitled in French and English

The Chamonix Film Festival is aimed at a French and English-speaking audience. A space will be provided for English-speaking screenings. For all films, it will be necessary to have a French and an English version, whatever the nationality of origin of the film.
Any translations will be at the expense of the producers, unless otherwise agreed with the Festival.

ARTICLE 7 – Screening rights

The Chamonix Film Festival will pay the producers of the selected films screening rights proportional to the length of the film.
– Less than 10 minutes: 100 €.
– From 10 to 30 minutes: 150 €.
– More than 30 minutes: 300 €.

ARTICLE 8 – Shipping costs

Registration for the Festival is free of charge, any costs for sending documents or Master’s degrees are to be borne by the participants.

ARTICLE 9 – Competitions

The Festival jury is composed of a president and 4 members appointed for each edition by the organisation. The jurors are personalities from the mountain world and/or the audiovisual world.
The jury will distribute four prizes:
– The Chamonix Film Festival Grand Prix
– The Jury Prize
– The price of the short film
– The “By fair means” prize

A fifth prize :
– The Audience Award
Will be attributed by the spectators following a vote counted at the end of each screening.

ARTICLE 10 – Obligations

The prize-winning directors undertake to mention the prize in the credits of their film as well as on the poster and/or the official visuals and media.

ARTICLE 11 – Media and Communication

The rights holders transfer to the Festival, without any compensation, the right to reproduce the photos or extracts of the film for the production of the Festival’s promotional teaser and for distribution in its publications, promotional venues, website and on the various social networks.

ARTICLE 12 – Free of charge and payment of costs

The festival takes care of the accommodation, catering and, if necessary, the ski lifts for the guests (directors, producers or main protagonists), up to a maximum of one guest per film. As far as travel costs are concerned, each case will be studied and transport grants may be awarded by the organising committee.

ARTICLE 13 – Representation

The directors or protagonists of the film undertake, within the framework provided by the organising committee, to present their films at public screenings, to present them and to close the session by their presence during the debate and at the proclamation of the prize list.

ARTICLE 14 – Programming

The day and schedule of the films selected in and out of competition will be carried out according to a programming schedule established by the Festival’s Organising Committee, based on the organisational requirements and the availability of the various participants in the selected films.

ARTICLE 15 – Rights

The person registering the film with the Festival, whether as producer, director, protagonist, or other, guarantees the Festival that he or she holds all the rights allowing the film to be broadcast within the framework of the Festival and also allowing compliance with the provisions of article 11 hereof.

He or she also guarantees the Festival that he or she will not take any action against the Festival by a third party claiming to have rights within the meaning of the literary property code and the possible financial consequences of the said bodies and actions.

ARTICLE 16 – Image rights

During the Festival, all the videos and images were taken with the consent and “tacit” expressions of will of those present during the event or evening organised. Any unauthorised use or distribution is prohibited. All videos, messages and electronic images are subject to alteration. The organising committee declines all responsibility if these videos, photos, images have been altered, distorted or falsified.

ARTICLE 17 – Commitment

The registration of one or more films implies full and complete acceptance of all the articles and conditions established by these rules.

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