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Tribute to René Vernadet

8 May 2021

For this first edition, it seems obvious to us to pay a special tribute to the great master of mountain cinema, René Vernadet. He has done us the honour of being present during the highlights of the festival.

For sixty years, René Vernadet was the “eye” of the mountains. He has participated in most of the major film shoots (for example the Étoiles de Midi with Marcel Ichac), and has made countless documentaries.
He is a precious witness of a vanished world, that of cinema, film and heavy cameras. At the time, making films was always an event, the image was rare and precious. It is difficult to imagine the constraints of filming in the 1960s, yet René offered us unforgettable shots alongside Gaston Rébuffat and the greatest mountaineers of the time.

The Chamonix Film Festival wishes to dedicate its first edition to René Vernadet. Throughout his long career as a filmmaker, he has passed on the culture of mountaineering. At 93 years of age, you have to listen to his words and the passion that still animates him when he evokes the acrobatic shootings in the Mont-Blanc massif and elsewhere…
René will be with us at the opening and closing of the festival. He will also take part in Bernard Germain’s conference on mountains and cinema on Friday, the 11th of June at 4pm.

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