The winners 2022

Our second edition was grandiose in its cinematographic scope. 38 films were screened, 35 of them in the official selection, works from 10 different countries, a hundred or so guests, directors, athletes, authors… All the great films were there, including many premieres. We translated about ten films so that they could be seen in France.  We brought together the best of mountain cinema and we are very proud that our list of winners is now an authority in the mountain world.

The trophies are original works created by the famous artist and mountaineer Andy Parkin, using old mountaineering equipment provided by our partner Petzl, ice axe blades, crampons, carabiner parts, plastic tools… When artistic creation meets the spirit of mountaineering. A huge thank you to him!

Personalities & jury

Personalities 2022

Many guests and great personalities of the mountain will meet us this year in Chamonix.  Filmmakers, mountaineers, writers, producers, entrepreneurs, journalists… And all the mountain enthusiasts who do not want to miss this unmissable event.

Conrad Anker patron of the festival

Conrad Anker is one of the greatest mountaineers to come out of the United States, with a breathtaking record of achievements on the world’s mountains. In 1999 he made mountaineering history by discovering Mallory’s body on the North Face of Everest, 75 years after his death.

Conrad is also one of the characters in the renowned film ‘Meru’ by Jimmy Chin and participated in the spectacular film that retraces the last hours of the Mallory-Irvine rope party. His visits to France are rare and we are very honoured that he has agreed to be the patron of the 2022 edition of Chamonix Film Festival.


This edition of Chamonix Film Festival brings together a high-level international jury. Five complementary personalities, representative of mountain adventure in all its forms, both active and cultural. This guarantees a variety of points of view and passionate debates around the 35 films in selection.

Eliza Kubarska

Film director

A film director from Poland, Eliza’s striking and dramatic film ‘Wall of Shadows’ won numerous awards in festivals around the world, including the Jury’s special prize at the 2021 Chamonix Film Festival. Eliza is also an excellent climber, she associates her work as a filmmaker with a singular vision of the mountains.

Julia Virat

Mountain Guide & Sailor

French mountain guide, specialist in long solo climbs, Julia is also a sailor and took part recently in the Transat Jacques Vabre. She is one of few women to excel in both disciplines. A personality unanimously recognized in the mountain world for her human qualities, she lives out her dreams of freedom living at the foot of the Chartreuse.

Cédric Gras

Writer and mouintaineer

French writer, specialist of Slavic worlds, Cédric is also a passionate mountaineer. His book ‘Les alpinistes de Staline’ was awarded the Albert-London prize in 2020. Cédric has become a literary personality in recent years. Cédric will also be present at the festival through the film ‘Fedchenko, the forgotten glacier’, screened out of competition.

Steve Scott

Director – Kendal Mountain Festival

Steve is from the Lake District in North West England, where he co-directs the famous Kendal Mountain Festival. He is one of the main on-stage presenters and looks after brand partnerships. A passionate mountain sports athlete, he lived and worked in the French Alps and in Norway for many years where he climbed, coached skiing and flew Paragliders for a living.

Hélias Millerioux

Mountaineer & High Mountain Guide

High level mountaineer, high mountain guide, he has traversed the great walls of the world, from the Himalayas to the Andes, via Alaska. In 2018 he received the ‘Piolet d’Or’ for the first ascent of the south face of Nuptse with Frédéric Degoulet and Benjamin Guigonnet.

Françoise Rouxel

Jury Nanny

Her job is essential! Françoise organises the jury and guarantees the smooth running of their deliberations. With her legendary gentleness, Françoise is the nanny so that the five jurys have no other concern than to watch the 34 films in the best  conditions.

Our Masters of Ceremonies

The three theatres of the Vox cinema in Chamonix will each screen a different programme. hosted by three presenters. Theatre 3 will screen an English language programme.

François Damilano

Hall 1

For more than 35 years, François has been an emblematic figure of the mountain world. High mountain guide, tireless promoter of ice climbing, he likes to trade his ice axes for a pen or a camera. For François ‘there is no mountaineering without a story’. His presence on the organising committee is more than valuable.

Yves Exbrayat

Hall 2

Yves has long been involved in the Rencontres du cinéma de montagne de Grenoble – an unmissable event in the mountain world. Anyone attending will remember is colourful presentations. Yves is also the founder of FODACIM. We are very happy that he has agreed to return to Chamonix.

Katie Moore

Hall 3 (English screenings)

Katie is a producer and director. She was adopted by France some years ago leaving her home town of Slough, England behind! Staying true to her roots and to our partner festival Kendal she will present the English language film selection.

Conferences 2022 in video

Many round tables took place during the 2022 festival, you can watch them again and find all those who enriched our scene.

Conferences, meetings, round tables on a wide variety of subjects: science, culture, nature, economy, adventure… related to the mountain and its different practices. Find the spirit of the festival in these different moments of exchange experienced at the Maison des Artistes in Chamonix from 14 to 19 June 2022.

A Woman’s Touch in Mountaineering

Tanya Naville
Women are increasingly present in the high mountains, independently and at the highest level. They are leading, guiding and going on expeditions. This change has taken place over a few years and now the norm of male domination in the mountain env…

The Summit of the Gods, an Artistic Epic

Christophe Raylat
The film event, inspired by the famous manga by Jirô Taniguchi, required many years of preparation and production. The project, launched before the death of the master, had received all his support, and he was a fan of the first sketches. Jean-Ch…

In Search of the Panther

Sylvain Tesson
Marie, Vincent and Sylvain have been searching the highlands of Tibet for a long time. The snow leopard is invisible, but it is watching us… The two stories of this adventure have all left a lasting impression on us, in the form of a text by Sy…

The Mysterious Fedchenko Glacier

Christophe Raylat
It is the largest mountain glacier in the world and nobody knows it. This giant and its tributaries make up the water tower of Central Asia. Its waters feed the Amu Darya River, which used to flow to the Aral Sea, but now its waters are lost in t…

Why Do you Climb?

Fabrice Drouzy et Christophe Raylat
Literature & Mountaineering. Four mountaineers, climbers, but also authors (and editors) come together to answer the most basic question – Why do you climb? This round table is a continuation of the special session organised by the renowned m…

Mountain Sports and Sustainable Development

Christophe Raylat
How do mountain communities and companies react to the new priorities of sustainable development? We want to give the floor to three organisations with very different and complementary activities to put their actions into perspective. Mont-Bla…

In conversation with Conrad Anker

Monica Huszcz & Ulysse Lefebvre
He is one of the greatest mountaineers from the United States, with a breathtaking record of achievements. He was responsible for discovering Mallory’s body on the North Face of Everest in 1999, and one of the protagonists of the film ‘Meru’ by J…

Mountains and the Media

Ulysse Lefebvre & Jocelyn Chavy
How far can you go to make a living from your passion?  The development of social networks has totally transformed the relationship of climbers, skiers and mountaineers with the public, and media coverage of mountaineering now follows sev…

Drawing the Mountains

Christophe Raylat
Samivel embodies a universal image of the mountain through the variety of his work, while Rochette is considered the current master of the graphic mountain novel. What they have in common is a passion for mountaineering and the purity of high alt…

On the Side of the North Faces

Christophe Raylat
A few key words ring in the ears of mountaineers. North face, trilogy, directissime… Last winter gave us several remarkable achievements, such as Charles Dubouloz’s first solo ascent of the route ‘Rolling Stones’ on the north face of the Grande…

Trail Running : a British Story

Katie Moore
Trail or fell running, something invented in Chamonix 20 years ago? Think again – for decades mountain races have been organised throughout the British Isles, and the oldest is believed to have been born in Scotland in the 11th century… The inc…

A Dream of Crystal

Pascale Farges-Prudhomme
They were the first mountaineers in the Middle Ages, the only ones who dared to approach the peaks and glaciers. In the 21st century, the magic of crystals remains. Generations pass on their secrets and the glacial retreat releases unexpected tre…

Trail Running Can Change your Life

Yoann Stuck
The discovery of trail can transform a life, that’s what Yoann Stuck tells us. His lifestyle was somewhat different until he tasted the infinite freedom of running on the trails. Since then, he’s been excelling in the toughest races on the planet…

The 2022 guests

A huge thank you to all those who participated and supported this 2022 edition.

Marie Amiguet • Conrad Anker • Jean-Michel Asselin • Aurelia Lanoé • Sam Beaugey • Léo Billon • Vivian Bruchez • Fanny Brun • Pierre Cadot • Jean-Franck Charlet • Simon Charriere • Cédric Chataignier • Marianne Chaud • Jocelyn Chavy • Jacques-Olivier Chevallier • Vincent Colliard • Mario Colonel • Aurélie Esteva Conrozier • Alvaro Crespo Garcia • Sophie Cuenot • François Damilano • Bertrand Delapierre • Martin Devictor • Fabien Douillard • Kéva Druelle • Fabien Druelle • Charles Dubouloz • Hervé Dupie • Inès Dussaillant • André-Vianney Espinasse • Yves Exbrayat • Nicolas Favresse • Eric Fournier • Hillary Girardy • Kari Gomez • Marie Guiguet • Cédric Gras • Thomas Guerrin • Marion Haerty • Marie-France Hendrikx • Ryan Hogben • Patrick Imbert • Jean-Baptiste (film Vertiges) • Andrew Kornylak • Eliza Kubarska • Clara Lacombe • Aurelia Lanoe • Damien Largeron • Mathieu Le Lay • Ulysse Lefebvre • Christopher Lewis Thomas • Anne-Marie Maddalena • François Marsigny • Juliette Martinez • Hélias Millerioux • Romain Millet • Katie Moore • Manu Moreau • Peter Mortimer • Tanya Naville • Jean-Charles Ostorero • Florent Palluel • Denis Poussin • Benoît Regord • Jean-Marc Rochette • Françoise Rouxel • Michaël Rouzeau • Eric Savoldelli • Steve Scott • Yoann Stuck • Cédric Tassan • Sylvain Tesson • Luc Thibal • Matthieu Tordeur • Toumy (film Vertiges) • Thomas Venin • Jérémie Villet • Julia Virat • Symon Welfringer…

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