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Sylvain Tesson, our ambassador !

15 May 2021

The famous french travel-writer, passionate about mountains and adventure is the ambassador of the first edition of the Chamonix Film Festival.

He’s the attentive witness of our program and participate (in an improvised way), in some conferences, meetings and screenings. We are very proud of his support, Sylvain embodies the meeting of literature, poetry and adventure, the themes developed throughout our festival… Sylvain sent us this message:

It is by climbing that life seems to me an obvious and supreme adventure. It unfolds like a great sail. It is absolute and cannot be increased by anything! Moreover, the very fact of asking oneself “why climbing” is proof that one has gone back down to the pub. In the middle of a wall, you never ask yourself such a question. There is no need to justify the obvious, nor to legitimise the pleasure! Do we ask ourselves why we breathe? The marriage of emptiness, light and beauty, celebrated in physical effort, with the hope of reaching the summit and returning in one piece, requires no explanation. Do we have to find a reason for a movement that takes you away from yourself, from boredom, from monotony? I climb, ergo sum.

Sylvain Tesson, leaving for the Verdon, 17th May 2021.

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