Sanitary protocol


Health protocols implemented for the 2021 edition of the Chamonix Film Festival.
Different protocols will be established according to the places where the activities will take place.

At the PLAN B hotel (base camp of the festival)

– Barrier procedures must be followed and masks must be worn.
– The reception teams are trained in barrier procedures and equipped with appropriate protection.
– Presence of an experienced cleaning team with the use of professional and specific hygiene products.
– Twice-daily cleaning of common areas and disinfection of equipment after each use.
– Setting up a circulation system in the base camp.
– Provision of hydroalcoholic gel and the possibility of disinfecting hands whenever one wishes.
– Sitting is compulsory, no one should stand.
– Regular ventilation of the premises in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities and the Government (encourage the supply of fresh air by mechanical means or by any other means).

At the Vox cinema

– Barrier measures must be respected and the wearing of a mask is compulsory.
– Hydro-alcoholic gel will be made available.
– Social distancing: minimum 4m2 per person in the cinema whenever possible, distance of one seat per person.
– Presence of traffic flows with one direction to avoid crossings.
– Queues should be limited.
– Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces (at least twice a day).
– The occupancy of each room will be limited to a 65% capacity and there must be a guaranteed empty seat on either side of each spectator. However, people arriving together (couple, family…) will be able to sit side by side (maximum 6 people) while maintaining a vacant seat on each side of the group.
– The doors of the airlock will be left open during the inter-session and the first part of the session.
– Regular ventilation of the premises in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities and the Government (encourage the supply of fresh air by mechanical means or by any other means).

Mountains activities & workshop

– Barrier measures must be respected by guides and mountain leaders as well as by clients, and the wearing of masks is compulsory.
– Everyone will be given the opportunity to disinfect their hands whenever they wish.
– Wherever possible, the social distance of 2 metres should be respected. If this cannot be respected for reasons inherent to the activity or the safety of the client, the professional will wear a mask and disinfect his or her hands or wear gloves. The client will be asked to do the same.
– If collective equipment is made available to the client, it must be provided for the entire duration of the service, and if necessary labelled in the client’s name. This equipment must be washed and disinfected or quarantined for 72 hours.
– Picnics must be individualised
– The client shall be obliged to inform the professional in case of abnormal pain, fever, loss of taste or smell. They must also tell the professional if they or anyone they know has had Covid-19 in the 3 weeks prior to their arrival in Chamonix.
– Finally, the professional will have the possibility to take the client’s temperature before departure with an infrared thermometer and will have the possibility to refuse the client’s participation, without refund, in case of a temperature higher than 38,0°C.

In case of symptoms of COVID-19, the following protocol should be implemented:

1- Ask each member of the group to wear a mask at all times and to disinfect their hands immediately and then regularly.
2- Quarantine the person presenting symptoms and call the mountain rescue service (or call 15 or 112 if the symptoms appear in a gîte or hotel).
3- Inform the emergency services of the situation and give the authorities all the necessary information, including the identity of all the members of the group.
4- Ask the health authorities to test all members of the group as soon as possible.
5- Inform the agencies if the service is sponsored by a TO client, and inform the directors of the Compagnie de Guides de Chamonix SAS and the president of the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix association.

At Petzl Altitude Camp

– Everyone will be accommodated in individual tents, or in groups of close friends (couples, families who initially live together…).
– The camp films will be shown outside.
– Meals will be served outdoors and in individual portions
– Equipment will be individualised.

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