Screening on Wednesday 09 Jun – 7:00 PM

Swissway to Heaven


“Swissway to Heaven” is a pure climbing film that showcases an extraordinary country, with its fabulous mountains and natural sites.  With his humor and his joie de vivre, Cédric Lachat, a Swiss native, makes you discover the richness and the beauty of five emblematic massifs: Eiger, Gastlosen, Wendenstöcke, Lauterbrunnen and Rätikon. For two years, Cédric Lachat and his fellow climbers (Nina Caprez, Tobias Suter, Mélissa Le Nevé and Fabien Dugit) took up the challenge of climbing and filming the most difficult routes on these five mythical walls:

  • “Yeah Man” (330m, 8b+) – Gastlosen
  • “Zahir” (300m, 8b+) – Wendenstöcke
  • “Odyssee” (1400m, 8a+) – Eiger
  • “Fly” (550m, 8c) – Lauterbrunnen
  • “WoGü” (350m, 8c) – Rätikon

Alongside extreme climbing sequences, emblematic openers present the history of the equipment and the evolution of the practice, from classical mountaineering to modern climbing thanks to never-before-seen archive images.

The choice of the festival

“An amazing film” as Cédric Lachat would say. Guillaume Broust followed his friend on the hardest climbing routes in Switzerland. He films verticality like no one else and offers a vertiginous spectacle that we never tire of. With Cédric, they form a tandem full of fantasy and humor. Guillaume is honored to present his latest film in preview for the Chamonix Film Festival and we are very happy to let you discover it.

Film preview

  • Director

    Guillaume Broust
  • With

    Cédric Lachat, Nina Caprez, Tobias Suter, Mélissa Le Nevé and Fabien Dugit
  • Duration

    55 minutes
  • Country

  • Release date


The projection

  • Screening date

    Wednesday 09 June – 19:00
  • Place of screening

    Cinéma Vox Chamonix
  • In the presence of

    Guillaume Broust
    Cédric Lachat
    Fabien Dugit

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