Screening on Wednesday 09 Jun – 7:00 PM

Ouverture aux Drus


For three days, images taken with a telescope transmit live on the Internet an attempt to open the West Face of the Drus. This is real mountaineering, with its slow rhythm and the suspense of live broadcasting. This broadcast was perhaps a first, a nod to what Desmaison, Flematti and others were doing on the radio 50 years earlier.

But the mountaineers are far away, very small, in this emblematic face which evolves according to its landslides. What really happened? Was it really an opening? What were the conditions, the difficulties, the dangers? Why did it take them so long to complete the last pitches? How did they cope with the terrible wind that swept across the face?

Close-up, on an adventure, two steps from their office, for four members of the high mountain military group: Léo Billon, Jordi Noguère, Thoma Auvaro and Sébastien Ratel.

The choice of the festival

The opening of this new route in Les Drus was one of the events of the winter in Chamonix. The live film imagined by Jean-Pierre Tauvron seduced because it gave access to a live opening on a mythical mountain: Les Drus. This film will be presented in preview at the Chamonix Film Festival. Reporting on mountain news is one of the vocations of our festival, a way to transmit the culture of mountaineering, especially when it offers a wink to the exploits of the past.

Film preview

  • Director

    Jean-Pierre Tauvron
  • With

    Léo Billon, Jordi Noguere, Thomas Auvaro et Sébastien Ratel
  • Duration

    25 minutes
  • Country

  • Release date


The projection

  • Screening date

    Wednesday 09 June – 19:00
  • Place of screening

    Cinéma Vox Chamonix
  • In the presence of

    Jean-Pierre Tauvron
    Léo Billon
    Jordi Noguere
    Thomas Auvaro
    François PIOTROWSKI

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