Screening on Sunday 13 Jun – 7:00 PM

Out of Frame


Out of Frame shows the daily life of Mathis Dumas, athlete, high mountain guide and outdoor photographer.

A life suspended in the void, a camera in hand, Mathis takes us behind the scenes of a vertiginous highline shoot on a line never done before. 

A journey to the heart of the Mont Blanc massif where Mathis reveals his photographic vision and his mountain heritage outside the traditional framework.

A backstage close to reality, between doubts and difficulties, Mathis will be accompanied by athletes with an overflowing passion through glacial adventures and exceptional ascents.

The choice of the festival

Another film previewed at the Chamonix Film Festival! Mathis Dumas has become one of the leading figures in the world of mountaineering. His multiple talents and his commitment to the mountains have impressed us greatly. This film is a spectacular document of the best that can be done in terms of mountain imagery today.

Film preview

  • Director

    Jordan Manoukian
  • With

    Mathis Dumas
  • Duration

    42 minutes
  • Country

  • Release date


The projection

  • Screening date

    Sunday 13 June – 19:00
  • Place of screening

    Cinéma Vox Chamonix
  • In the presence of

    Mathis Dumas
    Jordan Manoukian

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