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Le Cavalier Mongol


For centuries, the Darhat people have protected the border between Mongolia and Russian Siberia. Nomadic people, the Darhat are famous for their breeding of powerful white horses with which they migrate from steppe to steppe.

But since a few years, thieves seize their horses and sell them to Russian slaughterhouses. The thieves belong to the Tuvan tribes and live on the Russian side of the border. To smuggle the horses, they are helped by the Tsaatan reindeer herders, who live on the Mongolian side.

When his white stallion disappears, Shukhert, a Darhat rider, starts a race against time in pursuit of the bandits to find him and bring him back in time before winter.

In this documentary with the appearance of an oriental western, reality exceeds fiction but all the situations are authentic. As horse theft is commonplace in this region, it triggers epic chases through the grandiose landscapes of northern Mongolia.

From Buddhism to shamanism, from horses to reindeers, from hunters to gold diggers, his journey is full of encounters that are as many elements to understand the mosaic of a complex region, crossed by multiple ethnic and socio-economic tensions.

Through his knowledge of the territory, the culture and the Mongolian language and his experience of living in Mongolia for more than ten years, Hamid Sardar takes us in this documentary to the heart of a world accessible only to the initiated, at the borders of danger and justice.

The choice of the festival

Shukhert is Clint Eastwood! The same deep look, the same detachment in the action, the same humor… A western hero as we like them. It is not the first time that the director Hamid Sardar immerses himself in the Mongolian immensities. His talent as a nomadic storyteller, camera in hand, has earned him many awards. But this film is undoubtedly his masterpiece. We wondered if the subject wasn’t too far from our Chamonix DNA. But no, “Le Cavalier Mongol” tells an authentic adventure on the border mountains between Mongolia and Russia, these Mount Saïan, of High Asia, original lands of the nomadic peoples. The adventure in the mountains is not only to climb a summit!
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    Hamid Sardar
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    85 minutes
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    Sunday 13 June – 19:00
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    Cinéma Vox Chamonix
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