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The film festival from 14 to 19 june 2022

Basalt Island

Cinéma Vox Chamonix


Screening on Tuesday 14 June

The evening starts at 8pm

En compétition


For the past twenty years, a small rock lost in the Indian Ocean has been home to a community of prolific and incredibly successful climbers (both in the natural environment and on international competition circuits).

We travel to meet them on Reunion Island.

We try to understand how they were able to transform what, at first sight seems to be a weakness (heat, humidity, often grainless rock, island isolation) into a strength making Reunion a real rock climbing destination.

A vertical journey of discovery on this exceptional island.

  • Director

    Benoît Regord & Albéric Lemercier
  • With

  • Country

  • Release date

  • Duration

    27 minutes

Bande annonce

The choice of the festival

The island of Reunion, its rum, its green cirques, its capricious volcano, its sharks… Benoît Regord and Albéric Lemercier take us on a journey of discovery of a little known side of the island: its climbing routes. Basalt has the reputation for not being an interesting rock for climbers. The Reunionese prove the contrary and show us their secret spots. Long routes, bouldering, incredibly aesthetic basalt rock formations, black sandy beaches to end the day… All this to the sound of maloya singers, the famous blues from Reunion. A film filmed with virtuosity and screened for the first time at Chamonix film festival.

The projection

  • Screening date

    Tuesday 14 June – 20:00
  • Place of screening

    Cinéma Vox Chamonix
  • In the presence of

    Benoît Regord & Albéric Lemercier

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