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Experiences and trainings from 14 to 19 june 2022

High Altitude Landscapes

Photo workshops

Landscapes are an essential part of mountain photography. Peaks, lakes, ridges and sunsets that will always best illustrate your outings at altitude.
Yet, if it is the most common, landscape photography can often be improved with a few basic rules and very simple knowledge. The Alpine photographers will also give you their personal tips and tricks to bring back the most beautiful mountain landscapes in photos and dare to be original.


Head for the Aiguille du Midi and its exceptional Alpine panorama. From the top of its 3,842m, its terraces offer a 360° view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.


IIn this course, you will learn how to adjust your camera (or your smartphone!) according to the scene, the light and the angle of view chosen. You will discover the rules of panoramic framing. You will also be able to anticipate a possible collage of several shots in post-production (on the computer). If you have several lenses, you will understand which focal length is the most suitable for the landscape. You will also see the advantages of using a tripod.  Finally, the Alpine photographers will explain how the choice of schedule has an essential influence on the rendering of your photo.



Creator and co-editor of Alpine Mag, journalist, photographer and videographer.
Initially a journalist in the mountain press, he launched the Alpine adventure in 2017. A fervent defender of field journalism, he advocates a minimal amount of work time in the office in favor of maximum work time in the mountains, crampons, sneakers or skis on his feet. He juggles between photo and video and pen (yes, even for the web).
Overview of his articles on Alpine Mag.
See his personal pictures on his website and his Instagram.


Co-editor of Alpine Mag, journalist, photographer and video maker.
For many years a journalist in the travel and mountain press, he has travelled to more than 50 countries on foot, skis, crampons and sometimes in a kayak. Always accompanied by his drone, he is the team’s aerial image expert and a specialist in the Himalayas, which he has crossed countless times.
Overview of his articles on Alpine Mag.
See his personal pictures on his website and his Instagram.

Lever required

budding photographers & passionate hobbyists

Equipment required

Bring a picnic for lunch, some food for the race, a minimum of one liter of water for the day.
Clothing and equipment
Warm clothes for the high mountains, walking pants, technical underwear, fleece and windproof jacket (Gore-Tex type), cap, gloves, sunglasses (index 4), sun cream.
Technical equipment
Bring the equipment you use most often: SLR body, hybrid camera, smartphone. The important thing will be to understand and use your equipment as well as possible. 
If you have some, also bring accessories such as tripods, additional lenses…
Remember to charge your batteries as much as possible and to bring memory cards with enough free space to take pictures during the whole course. 


Meeting at 8am at the PlanB hotel (link map), base camp of the festival.
Return at 3pm, at PlanB.

  • Pax

    12 max.
  • Level required

  • Date(s)

    Thursday, 10th of June 2021
  • Price

    115 € /pers.
Price includes:
– Round trip to the Aiguille du Midi
– Supervision by a professional photographer

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