Tribute to Doug Scott

The death of Doug Scott saddened the entire mountaineering community in December 2020. A true legend of alpine style in the Himalayas, Doug marked the history of mountaineering by his commitment to high altitude. He was also heroic in a terrible accident on the Ogre in Pakistan. After breaking both legs near the summit, he managed to reach the base camp via a very difficult slope. At the end of his life, Doug created and was very involved in the association Community Action to help the high altitude villages in Nepal.

This conference is organised by our friends and partners at the Kendal Festival in England, and will bring together some of Doug’s fellow climbers around moving archive images.


  • Chris Bonington (visio call)
  • Andy Parkin
  • Victor Saunders
  • With

    Andy Perkins
  • Duration

    90 minutes
  • Date

    Saturday 12 June – 16:00
  • Location

    Cinéma Vox Chamonix

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