Mountains & cinema

Cinema and mountains have had a close relationship for over a century. As the tragic theatre of dramas, but also as a place to express heroism and patriotism, the summits have attracted many great directors who used them as the grandiose stage for their narratives. Bernard Germain, author of the Dico Vertigo published by Paulsen-Guérin, offers a conference in which the cinema d’auteur takes a step back in time. He will be joined by emblematic figures of Chamonix cinema, René Vernadet, the historical cameraman of the great productions of the 1960s and 1970s, Bernard Prudhomme and Denis Ducroz, who directed Les Inconnus du Mont Blanc, a splendid historical fiction which recounted the first ascent of Mont Blanc.


  • Jeanne Mascolo
  • René Vernadet
  • Pierre Perret
  • Bernard Prud’homme
  • With

    Bernard Germain
  • Duration

    90 minutes
  • Date

    Friday 11 June – 16:00
  • Location

    Cinéma Vox Chamonix

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