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Inner Mounting Flame

The story of North Carolina musician and rock climbing legend Mike Stam and the second ascent of his high country bouldering test piece, The Inner Mounting Flame.

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The history of the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix is integral to that of mountaineering and the valley where it was born. For 200 years, the many challenges taken on by guides have cemented the legendary status of their organisation. Today, they are the protagonists in a changing mountain landscape. Their heritage puts them at the heart of the issue, and holds the potential solutions to...

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Fedchenko, the Forgotten Glacier

Cédric Gras and Matthieu Tordeur set off to cross the world’s largest mountain glacier, the Fedchenko in the heart of the Pamir, to explore this totally forgotten area. It takes a week’s walk at an altitude of 4,000m, crossing glaciers, passes and dangerous rivers to reach the banks of the giant glacier, 77km long, with a mass one and a half times that of all the glaciers in the Alps...

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