At the cinema

from 14 to 19 june 2022

The Vox cinema will host the screenings of the selected films and the festival conferences. This historic venue, in the heart of Chamonix, will guarantee the quality of the screenings and the comfort that is essential for the quality of the works.

The films in competition

14 films, including 8 new ones

An exceptional selection, international films, numerous previews, the show promises to be grandiose!

Despite the present crisis, some wonderful films have been made in 2020 and 2021. The selection was made by our organising committee. We focused on originality, quality and novelty. Our festival is about the cultural transmission of mountain adventure, and our selection reflects this transmission between history and current events.


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Personalities, jury & the awards

The personalities


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The awards

The five jury awards

The Grand Prix

The film of the year! The film that combines the best technical and narrative qualities, in line with the three axes of the festival: mountains, adventure and culture.

The Audience Award

With Les Amis du cinéma

This prize, supported by the Friends of Chamonix Cinema association, will not be awarded by the jury, but following votes from the public, in cinemas and on streaming.

The Jury Prize

For the jury, it is the freedom prize. They have the right to award it, according to their own criteria, to the film they consider remarkable, singular, surprising, spectacular…

The price of storytelling

A film is first and foremost a story, and a good director must know how to engage the viewer in a thrilling narrative. This prize rewards a quality that is now indispensable to an adventure story.

The “by fair means” award

This prize rewards a state of mind “by fair means”. This formula, attributed to Alfred Mummery, refers to an ascent achieved ethically, without artificial means.

Film selection criteria

The films presented at the Chamonix Film Festival will be selected by a committee made up of audiovisual professionals and respected mountain people. The selection criteria for the films will be based on the founding principles of the festival.

  • The mountain should not be a simple setting, but an authentic character in the film.
  • The film must transmit the values of the mountain, respect for the environment, fraternity, commitment, solidarity…
  • The film must transmit mountain culture, history and the heritage shared by all mountain lovers.
  • The film must be lively, human, sensitive, it must appeal to the strong emotions inherent to the mountain.
  • Mountaineering symbolises the original exploration of the mountains, but other non-mechanical sports (skiing, trekking, paragliding, trail running, etc.) embody this spirit of exploration and adventure today. They will also be present insofar as they allow the expression of a singular purpose.

The cinema conferences

From 4pm to 6pm, conference program

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday June, conferences will be programmed with screenings at the Vox cinema. Topics of current interest or history, retrospectives or tributes, these conferences will be an important meeting with the cultural heritage of mountaineering.


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